29/03/2021: Elephant Equity has increased its equity share in Orgatreatments Pvt Ltd, India (OPL) from 15% to 40%. LIVIA Group, family office of German serial entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Löw has increased its shares from 35% to 60%. The acquired OPL shares had been held by REMONIDS Group, Europes largest recycling and waste-management company for an initial period during the start-up phase. OPL will expand its activities in the field of animal feed production in India and has established a new R&D unit and plans to hire initially 20 specialists in the promising and innovative field of organic animal feed production. Today OPL has a daily processing capacity of 120 tons and is further aiming to develop a state-of-the art organic animal feed for the farming industry ans well pets. See interview of Prof. Löw and Dr. Weber, Partner of Elephant Equity.

19/08/2019: MBA Polymers Inc., a 100% portfolio company of Elephant Equity has acquired a new recycling plant for electronic equipment waste (WEEE) in Saxony, Germany. The new site in Germany is held by the subsidiary MBA Polymers Germany GmbH and will be MBA Polymers 5th recycling facility using its patented process producing a state-of-the art post-consumer plastic. With this facility MBA Polymers makes use of the growing quantities of WEEE in Germany and Europe and the global demand for post-consumer plastics. MBA Polymers is expanding its activities in this promising region. It plans to hire initially 30 specialists in the field of material flow and quality management. From 2020 onwards 17.500 metric tons of WEEE will be processed annually. The new site is owned by MBA Polymers and covers an area of 16.000 m2, of which 5.500 m2 is production space. In the high-tech plant, post-consumer plastics (ABS, HIPS, PP and PC/ABS) are extracted from WEEE. The material is further separated and processed into high-quality plastics in exceptionally complex and in-house developed processes.

26/01/2018: Orgatretaments Pvt. Ltd., a 15% portfolio company of Elephant Equity has inaugurated its state of the art animal feed production facility in India, District of Nanded. In presence of Gorakashanath, Shasri of Nanded the representants of the shareholders Professor Dr. Dr. Peter Löw (LIVIA Group), Thomas Block (REMONDIS Group), and Dr Felix-Michael Weber (Elephant Equity) have planted 15 of in total 400 orange trees on the factories premises. The factory was build only in 14 month and operation of the plant will start immediately. Shri Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of the Staate of Maharashtra, as well as the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and the German Embassy blessed the investment. The plant has the capacity to process 140 tons organic material, mostly received form CPIL, Indias largest citrus fruit processing plant, owned by Pepsi, Cargill and several family offices.

19/06/2017: Elephant Equity has taken over 100% of the shares of MBA Polymers Inc, USA, a worldwide leading technology company producing post-consumer recycled plastics from end-of-life durable goods. MBA Polymers was incorporated 2003 in California and has build, owned and operated production facilities in China, Austria and UK with a raw feed capacity of above 140.000 metric tons per annum. MBA Polymers Inc currently owns more than 40 patents worldwide which backs the production of virgin grade products including ABS, PC-ABS, PP and PE. In 2016 MBA Polymers Inc has generated a consolidated turnover of above 40m EUR. Elephant Equity aims to further develop the recycling technology and to establish new plastic production facilities in promising markets. Elephant Equity will integrate MBA Polymers in its other waste management, recycling and engineering activities in Europe and Asia.

15/12/2016Green Elephant GmbH, a 55% portfolio company of Elephant Equity has successfully entered into the Middle-East and commissioned ist firs waste-to-energy power plant - the GreenBox™  GB2000 in Abu Dhabi. The privately held facility is recycling two tons per day of organic agricultural and animal waste. Green Elephant Engineering Pvt Ltd has build several waste-to-energy biogas plants in India and commissioned its first GreenBox™ GB2000 in Pune at the Volkswagen factory in Pune in 2014 and has signed a long term O&M agreement.