Our Principles


Social Impact for People and Planet
we encourage socially, environmentally and responsible philanthropic ventures and social initiatives.

Entrepreneurship and Profit
we focus on economical feasible business models, innovations and believe in incentive structures, risk sharing by enhancing the human capital, skills and performance.

Partnering with the Civil Society
we believe in values and responsibility of entrepreneurs, management and capital and working with NGOs, Churches, Foundations, Universities.

Health & Safety

Elephant Equity is active and invested in countries with lower health and safety standards than Germany. The management follows the highest standards and takes care of its employees and stakeholders. We take measures to assure safe and reliable operation of our assets and try our best to fight against climate change and pollution.

Education & Research

Elephant Equity´s supports management education and top-level research in Germany and Emerging Markets. We support the Maecenata Foundation, a independent Think Tank  and their activities in Europe. Dr. Weber is a visiting professor at the Catholic University of Ingolstadt-Eichstaett since 2014 teaching Entrepreneurial Finance and Strategy.

Carbon Footprint

Elephant Equity promotes clean energy and rural development by investing in innovative solutions to substitute coal and oil. Elephant Equity has registered its activities in India in the biogas sector as a CDM project (Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol) and generates 9.000 Carbon Credits (CER) p.a.